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Director Assistant and Spanish Instructor

Sister Amneris X comes with 20+ years of administrative and business experience. She has been a registered member of The Nation of Islam since 2019. She was born in Puerto Rico and raised in upstate New York where she was exposed to a very diverse community that made her grow a deep love for aiding those in need. She is a mother of 5 and understands the importance of our children receiving the best education as they are our future. She is very excited to join the Asiatic Minds family. 



Dean of Male Students

Scottie X (Hayslett) has an extensive career as a social worker working with youth and adults in every realm of education including the collegiate realm, and Pre-K–12. Mr. Hayslett has worked supporting individuals in treatment facilities, detention centers and mental health homes with an array of services that enhance individual, community and cultural development. 




Dean of Girls and Book Club Instructor

Sister Sabbath Muhammad is a wife, servant, and educator and Founder and CEO of the Homeschooler’s Society, a black & brown independent online school for grades K-5th. Sister Sabbath is a student in the Southern Regional Ministry Class, under Student Regional Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad in Atlanta, GA. Amongst other duties, she is also a part of the iDeny Team! Finally, Sister Sabbath, is now honored to serve as Dean of Girls for Asiatic Minds, Online School!



Mathematics Instructor

Mr. Muhammad is currently a full-time mathematics instructor at Muhammad University of Islam. He graduated from Lincoln University with a Masters Degree in Mathematics. Muhammad received his Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics education from Penn State University. He is the author of the book; “How to Teach Math to Black Students” and a series of instructional math DVD’s that are sold around the country. Muhammad conducts workshops and seminars on the topic of improving the mathematics literacy of inner city youth.

The Math Doctor has given inspirational speeches, workshops, seminars and motivational math talks at the following places:




Mathematics Instructor

She has been a teacher of the Women in Islam for over 25 years in various skills. She is excellent in business management. She has constantly taken college courses in mathematics even to date! She loves children and loves learning!



ELA Instructor

Rashida R. Muhammad is an award-winning journalist, editor, author and consultant. 

An honors graduate of Spelman College with more than 20 years of professional experience, Sis. Rashida has worked at Zakat Foundation of America, Cox Media Group Ohio (CMGO), Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Macon Telegraph and GLAMOUR Magazine among other companies. 

Sis. Rashida has edited numerous websites, documents and books including the In the Volume of the Book series by Bro. Sa'ad (Berve) Muhammad. She was on the writing team for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's Let's Change The World project and is a media consultant for The Final Call Newspaper.

Sis. Rashida is a former high school teacher at Muhammad University of Islam - Chicago, has spoken on panel discussions and held workshops on writing, journalism and editing at several schools and universities including Morehouse College and the University of Florida. She is truly dedicated to serving others. 

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ELA Instructor

As a young child growing up in Temple No. 7C, in Brooklyn, New York, Zatima quickly found her purpose as a humble servant of others. She honed this skill daily from helping raise her seven younger siblings to establishing "Zatima's Loving Care", a prominent daycare center for inner-city Richmond youth. Accomplishing birthing six children, matriculating two associate degrees in Early Childhood Development and Early Childhood Education, being a successful business owner and marrying her dear husband, Brother Jerome 3X; one would have thought she was done. But she was just getting started. Zatima learned as a young child "to do for self" and the importance of being a landowner which sparked her interest in agriculture. She went on to graduate Cum Laude from Virginia State University with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Agriculture minoring in Education. Zatima is currently the Student Director of Muhammad University of Islam of Muhammad Mosque #24. As anyone would tell you, she wears many hats such as being the CEO of River City Market, a local grocery store offering natural/local products in a food dessert, a budding midwife and founder of A.F.F.N.- Allah’s Future Farming Nation- Youth Agriculture Organization at M.U.I. #24. Presently with the blessing of Allah, she has been given land to cultivate. Her love for Allah and dedication to her family, the Nation of Islam, the students, community, and the future makes her boundless.



ELA Instructor

Sister Layeelah Muhammad is an artist from Oakland, California. Her passion for art and love for children has led her to teach art to students K-12th for two years at public schools and afterschool programs in Oakland. With a lifelong desire to understand others, Sister Layeelah earned her BA in psychology with a concentration in child and adolescent development. She loves photography, graphic design, architecture, literature, and studying languages, especially Spanish and Japanese. Sister Layeelah is excited to join the Asiatic Minds team and to use her skills to serve her nation. 



Social Studies Instructor & Islamic Studies Instructor

Brother Abel Muhammad, who most may know as the Representative to the Latin American community for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, has also been a teacher at Muhammad University of Islam in Chicago and other independent educational institutions. He has been a featured guest at universities, elementary and high schools, and has spoken at youth conferences across the country. Brother Abel has been acknowledged for his excellent ability to deliver clear and creative instruction teaching Spanish in the classroom. His gift for inspiring students to learn is rooted in his love for The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who inspired him to seek knowledge wherever it may be found.




Social Studies Instructor

Rhonda Muhammad is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and has been a registered member of the Nation of Islam since 1995.  Sister Rhonda is married, a mother of two, an educator and entrepreneur. Her background in education began in 1999 in the New York City Public School system, where she taught in The Bronx and Manhattan. Sister Rhonda has also homeschooled both her children through their elementary through high school years.  She is a certified teacher, with a Master’s Degree in Education and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership both received from Cambridge College in Boston, Massachusetts. She served for two years as an adjunct professor and student teacher supervisor at a university in Pennsylvania.

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Science  Instructor

Sis. Medinah is a registered member of the Nation of Islam at Muhammad Mosque Number 7. She was born in New York but currently lives in Northern New Jersey with her husband and children. If she’s not doing science activities with her sons, you can find her traveling the world, indulging in a good book or hanging out with her family!


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Science  Instructor

Sis. Maryam K. Muhammad, Wellness coach, Published author and Public Speaker. Studied Biomedical Science and Nutrition at National University of Health Sciences. Sis. Maryam has been a science teacher for many years and currently also teaches with MUI Chicago. Teaching children not only the biology and anatomy but the spiritual science of it and how powerful our bodies are that Allah made. She is also the owner of Heal Thy Life which assist women and girls on the journey to build healthy and healing lives

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Agriculture  Instructor

My name is Sister Crystal Muhammad and I have been a registered member of the Nation of Islam since 2009 in Milwaukee, WI. I studied at Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. I have experience in urban animal husbandry and urban gardening. I look forward to teaching our little ones about growing their own food wherever they live. 

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Social Studies/History Team Leader & Curriculum Developer

Sister Ayanna D. Muhammad is an awarded educator with over 20 years of experience in the
classroom. She is a certified teacher who has taught within both the Public Schools,
Muhammad University of Islam, and as a homeschool instructor and tutor. She has taught a
variety of academic levels ranging from early childhood learning to high school but specializes in
middle school core subjects. Sister Ayanna demonstrated her love for education at a young age
and has poured her gift into The Nation of Islam by contributing to the development of
workbooks and courses for the MGT & GCC. Sister Ayanna’s passion for education is her
driving force in the world and life purpose that she shares enthusiastically with her community,
both at home and at large.



Spanish Instructor

I was born in Mexico City but currently live in Cuernavaca with my six year old boy.
I graduated for Universidad Iberoamericana with a Bachelors of Business Administration.
I have one year experience teaching Spanish online . I enjoyed learning English so I hope my students have an enriching experience with Spanish and be able to communicate and understand my language in a faster pace.


Love languages, music, yoga and traveling. 

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Social Media Director

Khadirah Muhammad is a 19 year old undergrad attending Kentucky State University. Her major is Agricultural, Food, and Environment with a track in Food Science and Nutrition. With her major she intends to go out in urban communities and teach how to live a healthy life on a budget. Khadirah is also the owner of Khadirah's Cupcakes. She has owned her business for 8 years. Khadirah loves to cook, bake, listen to music, and help others in need. Khadirah also graduated from AYA learning Institute, an african centered online school where she participated in a class called Family Lore. Through this class Khadirah became a published author and traveled to Cuba  to participate in a conference where she and her classmates conducted a panel discussion on the process and experience of collecting their family's history. She also had the opportunity to present this subject at a conference in Ghana (via web). Khadirah will be instructing the students through this same process to explore and collect their family history.



Book Club Instructor


30+ years of management and educational experience; with a proven track record of leadership within various sectors, including housing, education, health care, human services, insurance and manufacturing.

Director of Human Resources and News Writer

Management consultant to NNV News (National Network View), the Nations news network, part of the Ministries of the Nation of Islam Interim Executive Director of Public Housing and Human Resources Executive for a 671 unit Saginaw Michigan public housing authority, with low-income public housing units, senior apartment buildings, single and mixed-use residential developments. Served as Executive Director for the organization’s programs, services, and 1,300 staff members.



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Meditation Instructor

Iman Ali, is founder of IMAN (Integrative Medicine And Nutrition, LLC) and is dedicated to bringing eastern healing techniques to clinical and non-clinical settings across the country. 



Iman is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner trained at Energy Medicine Research Center, Equilibrium Education In Chicago. 

Reiki is an energy therapy used in major hospitals across the United States and world. 



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Chess Instructor

Brother Daniel Muhammad is a 33-year-old Husband and Father of 3 beautiful children. He has been a registered member of The Nation of Islam for 11 years and is a Student Minister and helper of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He is also the Assistant Minister to Minister Ishmael Muhammad at the headquarters mosque, Mosque Maryam.


Brother Daniel has been playing chess since the age of 6 and was taught by his father. In his early years, he received countless losses to his father and father's chess companions. 


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